About Us


Dr. Shenwen Li

Dr. Shengwen Li, Lic. Ac. Ph.D., has 20 years of clinical experience.

Dr. Li received his medical degree from Yanbian Medical University School of Medicine, obtained his Ph.D. from Nagasaki University School of Medicine's Urology department and his Oriental Medical Doctorate from South Baylo University. Dr. Li was a resident in the Department of Surgery at Yanbian Medical University, and also became an Acupuncturist in TRT Acupuncture.

Dr. Li speaks English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese and caters to a variety of communities in Los Angeles.


Dr. Shunji Wang

Dr. Shunji Wang, Lic. Ac has over 45 years of clinical experience.

Dr. Li and Dr. Wang are dedicated to the highest standards of their chosen profession: the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and herbology.


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