Acupuncture has been truly embraced in the West over the last decade. As many of your Los Angeles neighbors know, quite a few Western doctors are adding acupuncture theories and techniques to their practices. Yet, even in Los Angeles, there are still misunderstandings regarding what it is, how it works and what it most successfully treats.

Although it’s possible to learn where to place needles for rudimentary treatment of pain, only the Chinese medical training of licensed acupuncturists and Oriental Medical Doctors such as Dr.Shengwen Li and Dr. Shunji Wang in Los Angeles allows for fully effective, long lasting treatments of pain, as well as successful resolution of many other health conditions.

Acupuncture theory looks at the body as a whole system, not just a collection of symptoms. The methods of acupuncture aim to prevent disease from occurring or reoccurring, as well as the alleviation of symptoms. The placement of needles, as well as adjustments to diet and lifestyle, along with herbal treatments are key elements of its holistic approach to wellness care.

Because of their extensive training and experience, Los Angeles practitioners Dr. Li and Dr. Wang are able to work with any Western diagnosis and apply acupuncture methods to resolving it. Some of the many conditions that can be successfully treated are:


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